THERESA May has become the first Tory leader in 185 years to face an emergency grassroots vote to oust her.

MAY is to be hauled in front of a snap meeting all 800 constituency chairmen and senior activists in June, who will decide whether to demand her resignation for failing to deliver Brexit.

The PM was last night informed that the threshold for a petition to enforce the extraordinary meeting has been passed.

The development is another bitter blow to the embattled Tory leader, who only just fended off a fresh bid last week by Brexiteer Tory MPs to remove her.

It is the first time in the Conservative Party’s 185 year history that rank and file activists have forced an Emergency General Meeting to discuss the party’s leadership.

The PM was also yesterday invited to address the meeting, in what is likely to end up as a gruelling public trial for her.

Though the EGM vote is not binding, losing it would be Mrs May’s deepest humiliation yet and spark overwhelming pressure on her to stand down immediately.

Mrs May has promised to make way for a successor, but only when she can overcome a Commons logjam and see the UK leave the EU.

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