Farage BLASTS Theresa May’s NEW Brexit Negotiation– ‘Why would anyone vote for it?’

Government has been in Brexit dealings with the Work Gathering after the Leader connected with Jeremy Corbyn before the Easter break to attempt to convey the UK’s takeoff from the Brussels alliance. Talking on ITV’s Peston, Global Improvement Secretary Rory Stewart was inquired as to whether the Leader should hazard part her gathering, by tolerating a traditions association or second submission, to get Brexit over the line. Brexit Gathering pioneer Nigel Farage rushed to scrutinized Mr Stewart’s answer asserting the Tory party “now serves no purpose”.

An ITV presenter Peston said: “The chief whip Julian Smith said to cabinet yesterday the only way he thinks now to get a majority for a Brexit deal would be either for the Government to sign up to a customs union, or for the Government to sign up for a confirmatory referendum.

“I would say at a modest estimate, 150 to 200 of your colleagues would never vote for that. Which means it would only get through with majority support from Labour and minority support from the Tories. Should the Prime minister take the risk of splitting her party to get the Brexit prize?”

  1. The International Development Secretary Mr Stewart replied: “I think the Prime Minister needs to deliver the first stage of Brexit before she goes. We need it desperately for the country.”

He said: “She would like to get this through with Conservative votes but very sadly there are 30, 40 Conservative colleagues who have steadfastly refused to vote for a Brexit deal.

“She must deliver a Brexit deal, that’s what people voted for, we’ve got to do it responsibly.

“And if that means working cross-party on this issue, not in general, we don’t agree with Jeremy Corbyn on 99 percent of things in the world, but on Brexit, there’s a reason to do that.

“This is not a settlement for this week, it’s something that’s got to last for 30 or 40 years, got to last through changes of government, changes of parties, and I think doing Brexit cross-party could turn out to be a smart thing to do to reassure investors, for example, that this thing will last.”

The former UKIP leader and current Brexit Party boss said she misjudged the mood of the country and her own party, just minutes after she revealed she would leave No10.

As Tories pulled their support from her and said they just couldn’t stomach her new Brexit deal, she finally took the decision to say she would quit as Tory leader on 7 June, but would stay as PM until a new one is found.

Today Mr Farage blasted her for running to be PM in the first place, as a Remainer would always have failed in the task of delivering Brexit.

He tweeted: “It is difficult not to feel for Mrs May, but politically she misjudged the mood of the country and her party.

“Two Tory leaders have now gone whose instincts were pro-EU. Either the party learns that lesson or it dies.”

The Brexit Party boss is on track to storm the EU elections when the results come in at the weekend.

We’ll know on Sunday night whether he’s won enough votes to elect a string of pro-Brexit MEPs to the European Parliament.

But he’s been leading in the p0lls for weeks as furious voters abandon the Tories over

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