What’s in the Tory EU election manifesto? Conservative policies for 2019 poll

Well there’s a bit of a problem when it comes to the Tory manifesto.

Theresa May repeatedly insisted that the European elections would not be happening.

But this week she was forced to admit that the poll will have to take place.

Her de facto deputy David Lidington finally confirmed the £100million poll is now unavoidable after Brexit was delayed to October 31.

Downing Street is still holding out hope that Britain can secure a Brexit deal before the end of June.

That would mean MEPs won’t have to take their seats when the Parliament begins its first sitting on July 2.

But it will likely lead to the elections being blasted as a waste of public money and ramp up calls for May to quit.

So far, apart from acknowledging the elections will happen, the Conservatives have done very little to address the upcoming vote.

What is in the Tory’s manifesto?

The short answer is we don’t know because there isn’t one yet and it’s actually not certain that the Tories will even produce one.

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