POLL Results! Farage’s Brexit Party still Burning Hot!

Mr Farage’s Brexit Party remains the best-backed party ahead of the next Westminster election with more than a quarter 26% of voters supporting it, according to the latest YouGov Poll.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party and the Conservatives have both lost support as they continue to be indecisive about whether or not to remain or leave argue. This is a bad development for Labour as it continues to sit on the fence over leaving the European Union it fell from 20 per cent to just 18 per cent.

Remainers Liberal Democrats has surged clear into second place on 22 per cent, up from 20 per cent last week.

Conservatives fell from 18% to 17% and are languishing in 4th place. The the Conservative party will become the fourth-largest party with 54 MPs, behind the SNP and only just ahead of the Lib Dems, who would have 51.

According to current polling interpretation, the Brexit Party may be in line to win almost 250 seats at a general election.

Its analysis of opinion polls at the end of May put the party on 249, short of a majority, based on winning 24.1% of the vote – ahead of Labour on 216.

This would set up a potential coalition government between the Liberal Democrats, SNP and Labour Party

This latest YouGov poll results came as Boris Johnson today bowed to pressure and agreed to take part in a live televised debate after being accused of being a coward and hiding by rivals as the race to replace Theresa May goes Haywire .

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