POLL Results: Why Conservative party want Farage as their Leader

As latest YouGov Poll, suggest that 46% of voters said that if the Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage joined the Conservatives party and contested for leadership position they would be happy for him to win, compared with 40% who said that they would not take it likely!

This survey findings is one of several pieces of evidence in the polls that the EU referendum has shaken Britain’s traditional political alignments.

Majority of Conservative party eligible voters would be happy for Nigel Farage to become their party’s leader, suggests a recent poll.

More than 51 per cent, of party members said they had more in common with supporters of other parties with whom they agree on Brexit than with fellow Conservatives who voted a different way in 2016 general elections.

But 61% said that they would rather Brexit took place even if it caused significant damage to the British economy. However, only 39 per cent would prefer Brexit took place even if it led to Jeremy Corbyn becoming the next British prime Minister prime, this is in comparison with 51 per cent who prefer Brexit should not happen if it meant the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn entered Downing Street.

Conservative party membership’s dedication to Brexit appears partly rooted in electoral calculation. More than half, 51%, of members believe that if Britain stayed in the EU it would cause a serious damage to the Conservative Party that it would never lead a government again. A further 29% think conservative party would be out of power for “many elections to come”.

From a recent sign that many party members now put securing Brexit before anything else, 54% would be willing to countenance the destruction of their own party to see Brexit achieved.

But 44% believe that a no-deal Brexit will secure their party victory at the next general election, and a further 14 per cent think it would “keep the Conservative Party in power for multiple elections to come”.

A large proportion, 52, believe that leaving the EU with a deal would secure the party victory at the next election, with a further 10% believing it would mean success at future elections.

More than 63%said that they would rather Brexit took place even if it caused Scotland to leave the UK, and 59% said that they would rather it happened even if Northern Ireland then left the United Kingdom.


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