Merkel disaster: German leader’s party overtaken by Greens – shock poll

ANGELA MERKEL’s party is continuing its haemorrhaging of votes, with a shock poll revealing sister parties CDU and CSU have been overtaken by the Greens.

Germany’s leading party has plunged into a crisis following the disappointing results achieved at the European elections on May 26. And a latest survey signalled the CDU and its Bavarian counterpart CSU haven’t yet regained the support of their electorate. A poll by Forsa carried out between June 17 and 21 on 2,500 people indicated the CDU and CSU have been pushed in second place on 24 percent, while the Greens obtained 27 percent of the preferences.

Far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) looked stable on 13 precent, while the historical socialist party, SPD, continued to lose consensus – obtaining only 12 percent.

Liberal ALDE and left-wing LINKE came in joint last position with 8 percent.

The CDU slumped from the 37.5 percent gathered in 2014 to 28.9 percent, losing votes to the Greens and the AfD.

Two party officials even claimed Mrs Merkel has lost faith in her former protégée.

Speaking to Bloomberg in the aftermath of the European elections, they said Mrs Merkel was initially believed to be leaving the head of the party at the end of this year, but she is now thinking to remain until the end of her term.

Mrs Merkel has shrugged off this allegation as “rubbish”.

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