Nigel Farage to Table petition As Latest Evidence Shows Peterborough By-Election was RIGGED

Mr Farage’s Brexit Party is to table a petition calling for an investigation into this month’s Peterborough by-election, after Tangible Evidence shows some level of Rigging and inappropriate conduct of the election.

This action is prompt by reports of irregularities in the use of postal voting in the contest, which was won by Labour’s Lisa Forbes by a wafer-thin majority of 683 over mr Farage’s Brexit Party. Mr Farage solicited for an end to the current form of the postal voting an end to the postal voting, as numerous rumors have been emanating including that of “vote rigging”.

The Cambridgeshire Police, have maintained their stand, saying that no offences have been revealed in respect to one allegation of bribery and two relating to postal votes during its ongoing investigations into the matter.

During a press conference in London London on Monday, Mr Tice claimed there was evidence that a “convicted electoral fraudster” had acted as an election agent for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage said that the postal voting system introduced in 2001 was very open to intimidation, bribery and corruption , to abuse on a whole number of levels. “If you say it’s sour grapes, you can say it, but actually it is time for change and my ambition would be that by the next general election to get rid of the current postal vote system.”

Overseas service personnel and wheelchair users are among those Mr Farage suggested should keep the postal vote. Till further Notice.


  1. Get the petition out. I’m ready to sign. Sick of labour getting votes by cheating. Just look at the london mayor

  2. Yes Sadiq is no more than an oxygen thief, comrade Corbyn is more suited as a racist Fagin from Oliver Twist. Lefties and socialists in general aren’t for democracy, or the any normal person. They find democracy unfair, yet find violence, generally unlawful behaviour, and backing terrorism as okay.
    Labour needs to be buried.

  3. The Cambridge police? Incompetent, cowards and liars!
    They should all be removed and some of them are criminals who belong in prison.

  4. I think that most reasonable people have concluded that the fix went in and the Cambridge Police appear not have this issue as a priority. Shame that the Left have to resort to fixing the vote to gain office. What happened to the British ethic of Fair play ?

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