Nigel Farage is more honest and in touch than Boris OR Hunt, bombshell poll says

NIGEL Farage is more honest and more in touch than either Boris Johnson OR Jeremy Hunt, a bombshell poll of voters has revealed.

Voters rated him above the two Tory frontrunners on multiple qualities, fresh research from Ipsos Mori revealed.

When asked who best understood the problems facing Britain, Mr Farage topped it with 42 per cent, the poll showed.

That compares to just 40 per cent who think Boris does, and 39 per cent who reckoned Mr Hunt does.

Voters thought Nigel Farage was the least out of touch, too, the poll said.

47 per cent said he was out of touch with ordinary people, compared to 62 per cent who thought Boris was and 53 per cent who though Mr Hunt was.

The news will be a boost to the Brexit Party leader, who stormed the European elections last month and secured 29 MEPs.

The group took their spots in the European Parliament yesterday and turned their backs as the bloc’s anthem was played.

And when it comes to who voters thought was more honest than most politicians, 34 per cent of people asked said Mr Farage was, followed by 31 per cent who said Mr Hunt was.

Boris trailed behind on just 25 per cent, the polling showed.

It comes as Mr Hunt appeared to close the lead on the Tory front-runner for who would make the best PM.

34 per cent said Boris, but Mr Hunt was close behind on 31 per cent.

Tory members are set to start receiving their ballots for the leadership battle later this week.

Boris is still in front and the favourite to become the next Tory leader and PM.

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