Omg!!! Ilhan Omar lied,new technology uncovers real truth about her brother, his location,he’s living as Gay in………(read more)

There is just no limit to the Ilhan Omar’s story as more truth is uncovered daily,she was married to her brother to bypass immigration laws.

Omar in her divorce decree said she hasn’t contacted her husband since 2011 and she did not know where he (her brother and husband) was located.

In a 2017, Rep. Omar swore under penalty of perjury while divorcing her husband (brother?) that she hadn’t seen Ahmed N. Elmi since 2011 and didn’t know anyone who could help her contact him.

Hidden code on a website however shows that Ahmed E. Elmi may have actually designed and set up a website for Ilhan Omar’s sister THIS YEAR and is living in Nairobi, Kenya, the same city Omar’s sister, Sahra Noor lives and works in.

Omar’s sister Sahra Noor currently works as the CEO of Grit Partners and the company’s website reveals Omar’s estranged brother-husband created the website and or the Instagram account for Grit Partners.

The hidden source code was first reported by investigative journalist David Steinberg. (screenshot below of hidden code via the Daily Caller)


There are now evidence that Ilhan Omar lied about his location and when last she saw him, Ahmadan Elmi (AKA Ahmed Elmi Nur) has now been located in the UK and he is living a gay lifestyle.

Ahmadan Elmi (AKA Ahmed Elmi Nur AKA Ahmed Nur Siad Elmi) is connected to Representative Omar and her family. Ahmadan Elmi, from the UK matches Ahmadan Nur Siad Elmi, Omar’s brother and husband based on high tech facial recognition from two family pictures.

Taking a closer look at the scarf you would notice great similarities with the person in U.K

In addition, evidence shows that on August 27, 2012, Ahmed Nur Elmi, flew on American Airlines from the UK to Minneapolis. Ahmed Nur Elmi then took a photo with his wife/sister’s newborn. Obviously, Representative Omar lied if she claimed that she hadn’t seen her husband since 2011 in her divorce decree –

Finally, per highly sophisticated facial recognition scans of over 35 pictures, it is clear that pictures of Ahmadan Elmi match with pictures of Ahmed Nur Siad Elmi.

Based on an extensive high tech review of images and other data presented above, Rep. Omar lied in her divorce decree and and therefore committed crimes in front of the law court.

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  1. With all the water flowing under the bridge, I will condemn Ilhan Omar of threatening
    Pres.Trump upon her arrival in Minnesota Airport where she addressed the crowd as saying: “We have just started to create NIGHTMARES for the President.” Are you serious? Are you starting a war with the President? I regard the outburst as disrespectful, defiant, fearless, hinged to an ulterior motive to challenge and spike the President at will. This sort of behaviour has NEVER been seen in the USA before and its TOTALLY unacceptable. She may want to make history but Mr.President has his plans to fix the evil intentions of Omar’s jihad. The rest is History – Pres.Trump is very capable to destroy such obnoxious outbursts from a Freshie such as Omar. Time to learn the most expensive lesson of her life. Eat back your self invented phrase: Somebody did somethings dah dah dah!

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