Ilhan Omar in SHAMBLES just few months after Divorce

In the past months, A shocking dark truth has been revealed. After being married for little over a year, Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Second Husband Hirsi are in trouble. According to unnamed sources close to the couple, they no longer spend any time together. Omar moved to a penthouse in downtown Minneapolis. While Hirsi does spend time there, it’s only when Omar is away in Washington. The rest of the time, he lives in his own place.

Hirsi, who was questioned by reporters about this, only commented that he isn’t allowed to talk about it. But from the looks of things, Ilhan Omar has once again ditched Hirsi, the father of her children.

According to Judicial Watch, Ilhan Omar’s total crimes includes perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, state and federal tax fraud and federal student loan fraud. That’s of course a pretty big list — especially for a sitting member of Congress. And, it might also include charges of incest.

Judicial Watch filed a formal complaint about Omar alleged marriage, tax and immigration crimes. But unfortunately the Congressional Ethics Border Director is a Staunch Democrat so despite the damning evidence, it’s very unlikely she’ll be forced to face any accountability. Democrats happily turn a blind eye when it comes to the crimes of one of their own (See Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Kerry). They simply don’t care how many laws one of their own breaks.

The only way justice has a chance to find Omar is if a federal investigation is opened. And if the Anonymous claims making rounds are True, her husband’s willingness to Expose her could go a long way in helping oust the controversial Congresswoman.


  1. This is stupid, I got on here thinking I was going to sign a petition to deport Ilhan Omar and I got shifted everywhere else but there. Quit trying to trap me.

    1. The same thing happened to me just like everyone else. I’ve email the White House and told them that I feel like if I don’t donate either my vote didn’t count or if it did that I’m in another group. It’s BS. I should be able to vote in something without being sent to a donation site every time I do.

  2. Send Omar back to her home country, The only reason why Democrats want illegals, and give them money while are own people suffer is for the vote and stop at nothing for power, they will deceive and use anyone they can and try to keep us divided..

    1. That’s a fact Robert. I’ve long said the only way to change this government is the 2nd amendment. The founding fathers gave us the 2nd amendment just for the very reasons that are happing now. In 1775 the revolutionary was started because of taxes by the British. By them trying to take guns. Just a bunch of intolerable acts and it’s time to have another one. This government has gotten to where they no longer think they represent us they think that we work for them. We have to show them how it works if we have to kill everyone of them and start over

  3. Send her back to where she came from because she has and is terrorizing our country and how in the he’ll could’ve she got into our government you tell me.


  5. So I guess this is bullshit because this thing just jumped around and wouldn’t let me sign the petition to send Omar home

    1. Where’s the petition … my vote yes send Omar back,expell from Congress, strip her fake citizenship, reprimand Minnesota for sending a TRAITOR to represent Minnesota.
      My vote to give illegals any kind of aid is no, assistance is no, money is no , food stamps is no,
      Criminals deserve nothing…..illegal criminals and their family, give them enough food to sustain them until they arrive back to where they came
      from. For that they are FINGERPRINTED, DNA TAKEN, and Photographed

  6. It appears that Illhan Omar’s priority is for her native country. Please help her pack up and return back to her native land. She is an enemy not a supporter of America. God bless America!

  7. If she can’t love America and it’s people and obey our Great Constitution for our great Flag, but most of all support America and speak so bad about our great Country and it’s people then most definitely she does not need to be in Congress and she don’t need to be here.send the crook and terrorist home.

  8. Send Omar back to Somalia. She is a traitor to the American Constitution, our American Flag, our National Anthem, our Bill of Rights and all American patriots!

  9. Send this African scam fraud racists bitch con artists fake American fake African Islamic black monkey gorilla looking piece of shit living amongst real white Americans in Minnesota back where the fuck she came from.m

  10. Get rid of Omar, she is a cancer in our country, she is a very poor example for anyone to follow, she needs to go, ASAP

  11. I can’t find the petition to remove ilhan and her family, the squad should not be allowed to speak on any U.S. floor

  12. first drtention enter 3 monts or jail and when sche ask nicli for sebding her home than wy not salamaleykum by

  13. Ship out both Omar and Rashida. They do not belong in our government. They clearly are anti-American and anti-Israel. Also ship out Linda Sourus, she is a terrorist.

  14. She is here to destroy America. Her father and family couldn’t fully pull-off genociding all their Somalia people, so they have come here to America, to further their agenda. I’d like to know who is behind her financing and guiding her. I wonder if it has anything to do with Soros. That evil man and Ilhan both need to be brought before military tribunals for treason.

  15. I trying so many times to signing the petition to send Omar to her beloved country Somalia .but they keep
    Send me to another side never to the petition, at lest I have try fo 21 without any successful . Failed the
    21 times .what that he’ll is going on ?

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