What are dental crowns and how are they placed?


What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are made of different materials such as cement, resin, ceramics, porcelain and other precious metals such as gold, copper and other metals. Each material is unique and has its own advantages. This artificial tooth replacement is used to correct dental anomalies. Dental crowns are very effective when the patient’s gum health is good. These tooth caps are customized to fit the patient’s requirements. Crowns are made of different materials in their preparation. The materials generally used for crowns, ranging from resin, ceramics, gold and other metals, make dental crowns expensive.

How does a dental crown fit?

The placement of the dental crown is a three-stage process. First, it involves anesthetizing the gum, teeth and surrounding tissue, followed by trimming the chosen teeth. The cutting of the teeth is done in such a way that the crown fits precisely and properly on the damaged teeth. Second, the impression is taken of the teeth to which the crown should be made. Using dental putty, the impression is taken and sent to the dental laboratory. Until the desired permanent crown is prepared, a temporary crown is made with plastic or metal and cemented on the teeth. Finally, the custom-made crown is made of the desired material and fixed on the teeth with a dental adhesive. The entire procedure requires a couple of visits to the dentist. However, recent advances in dental technology have helped dentists make their own crowns and fix them in a single visit to the dentist.

Cost of dental implants

The latest technology uses oral optical scanners, which provide a digital image, which CAD analyzes further. Some dental centers have their own equipment, the milling machines, which allow you to design and manufacture the crowns in an hour. This effectively reduces the dental visit of patients to save time and effort. How much will it cost?

The price of dental crowns varies from $ 97 to $ 1,246. The price is based on the material used.
A cement crown is the cheapest of all other types of crowns, and is priced around $ 97 / crown
The non-metallic porcelain crown is $ 963.42 / crown. If porcelain is used on gold, then the crown costs $ 1,245.98
Porcelain without gold but with another metal is priced at $ 963.42
The molten gold crown costs $ 1192.07

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