Canada will begin quick study visa for international students

International students used to wait a long time to get their Canadian study visa. Now, this will change.

The Government of Canada has introduced a program called Direct Student Transmission (SDS) for intentional students. In this way, applicants can obtain their approved applications in a short time.

The number of international students coming to Canada is increasing year after year. The Canadian Office of International Education (CBIE) has published a data set. According to this, there was a 16% increase in the number of international students compared to previous years.

There were 572,415 number of international students in Canada. More than 60% of international students belonged to four countries in the SDS program presented in June 2018.

How does the SDS program work?
In response to the growing number of international students, Canada expanded its SDS program on May 1, 2019. According to the previous year’s program, student applications were processed in four weeks. However, the introduction of the schedule in 2019 led to shortening this claim processing time. In May, these four more weeks were reduced to twenty business days only.

It is good news for international students who want to come to Canada and continue their career as soon as possible.

International applicants must follow all of these following guidelines to qualify under the SDS program:

  • They must present a Guaranteed Investment Certificate of approximately $ 10,000.
  • They must pay a full tuition for the entire first year.
  • They must provide evidence of graduation from a Canadian high school curriculum, or they must take a valid accepted language test that shows fluency in the English or French language.
  • They must have an acceptance letter from a reputable institution.
  • They must have a previous medical exam

While these requirements seem to require a fairly lengthy process, students should realize the fact that the conditions mentioned above will make their applications approved within a given period of twenty days. It will be easy for immigration officers to review their application forms and accept them without problems.

In response to the increase in the rate of international students in Canadian universities, the SDS program expanded IRCC. They are more likely to expand this program to other countries. This is how applicants will have to wait less to get their application approved. More international students will be attracted to Canada in this way.

In addition, Ahmed Hussein, IRCC Minister, says international students help improve the country’s economy. According to a new data set, export education contributed approximately $ 12.8 billion to the Gross National Product of Canada.

It also led to the creation of about 148,000 jobs in the country. Therefore, he has confirmed that international students are making significant contributions to schools, colleges and universities.

It is recommended for international students to provide complete data in their applications until IRCC expands its SDS program to other countries. It will help students to approve their applications without further unnecessary delays.

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