Canadian universities that support international students

Canadian universities that support international students

According to data collected from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada in 2018, the number of international students was 572,415 with a valid study permit in Canada of all levels of education. There is a 16 percent increase over last year’s statistics.

The data shows that most international students now choose Canadian universities to continue their higher education and that is due to Canada’s positive reputation as a tolerant and non-discriminatory society in the world and is currently accepting students from all cultural backgrounds and Religious

Experience with Canadian institutions
International students are proving to be very valuable for Canada, retaining most of their highly qualified graduates, thus supporting and enriching the culture of Canada. These graduates also improve the criteria of the curriculum in universities by actively contributing to scientific research.

Due to Canada’s “open arm” policies, it created a global village where bright students from all over the world were located and created a high performance educational system.

Students meet and form profitable relationships with other students from different countries, learn their culture and exchange childhood stories while having coffee on campus.

Still, there are some problems. Some of them are listed below.

1. Culture: The greatest difficulty faced by new students is the adaptation of the diverse culture of Canada.

2. Educational system: the educational system is very different from other countries, you get classmates from around the world, the class size is huge and requires more hard work to get good grades.

3. Lifestyle: the initial challenges facing students are the charges of accommodation, navigation through cities and adaptation to new cuisine and cold weather.

Canada provides excellent support to its new international students who arrive. It can be classified into four categories.

General support: Canadian universities provide special training to deal with international students, it is not mandatory, but it is an advantage if teachers learn about the different cultural norms of students.

Universities create a global community center, an environment where students’ ideas could be discussed without any discriminatory orientation towards any culture.

Pre-arrival support: Canadian universities have a friends program in which they match an upcoming international student with a current international student from the same country or from neighboring countries. By doing this, the newcomer receives a lot of help from university students even before landing in Canada.

First week support: universities organize a pick-up for international students and a mentor to guide them. Then, the rest of the day goes smoothly.

Apart from that, mentors also provide valuable information and University staff prepare a varied kitchen for students and even organize dormitories at an additional cost.

Continuous support: students are welcome in Canada and begin the most memorable experience of their lives.

The University organizes different excursions so that students can learn more about Canada.

Once, the support and love of graduate students does not end there, instead, universities offer up to 3 years of support until they get a job.

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