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United Nations Volunteer is the subunit of the United Nations Organization that promotes world peace and development through volunteering and financial assistance. The objective of the United Nations Volunteer is to improve the natural order of peace and sustainability in society in such a way that it is beneficial for people and society in general. Over the years, the United Nations Volunteer has contributed to the peaceful development of the world world through volunteerism, partnership, mobilization and coordinated integration of world states. Currently, this arm of the United Nations Organization, namely the United Nations Volunteer, is recruiting interested persons seeking to help in the implementation of world peace, stability and development.

Duration of the assignment
In most cases, assignments for United Nations Volunteers last from 6 to 12 months. However, volunteers could be asked to work for an extended period of one or two years if necessary. The extension of this duration usually comes with higher pay and incentives. Sometimes, our donor partners can also request volunteers for short-term tasks. Volunteers who requested the above tasks generally receive a notice from those partners who requested them. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the United Nations Global Volunteers are qualified for specific stipends.

Benefits / bonuses:
The main point of remuneration and stipends is to enable United Nations Volunteers to continue a humble and safe lifestyle at the duty station.

Travel expenses: to cover transport to the main hiring place. Volunteers also receive repatriation funds towards the last phase of their duty.
Remuneration for resettlement: according to the period of service; The individual volunteer is paid for the successful fulfillment of his duty.
Settlement in the award: an award determined for the duration of the duty, volunteers are paid this sum at the beginning of their task.
Remuneration of volunteer life: a monthly remittance that is expected to cover the fundamental daily costs of volunteers.
Life insurance: life, well-being and guaranteed protection for volunteers
Annual Remuneration License
The United Nations Volunteer Program is looking for committed and capable young people between the ages of 18 and 55. The required experience and educational base depend solely on the nature of the task. Notwithstanding the foregoing, graduates and non-graduates are qualified to request continuous recruitment of UN paid volunteers.

How to apply for a UN volunteer
The United Nations Volunteer service request abroad is available online.
The application for the continuous recruitment of UN paid volunteers is online and free.

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