Johnstone Scholarship for International Students

Johnstone Family Scholarship 2019

The National University of Australia is seeking designations for the Johnstone Family Scholarship Program. The honor is accessible to arithmetic students or ideas at the university. Studies from Germany and abroad can be requested.

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences can award a prize to the family known as the Johnstone Scholarship to allow students to graduate in arithmetic or measurements at the National University of Australia. Professor Iain Johnstone (Bachelor of Science (Hons), 1978 and Master of Science, 1979) subsidized this honor as a tribute to his parents.

Level / field of study

  • Johnstone Family Scholarship Diploma in
  • Arithmetic or Statistics.
  • Host Nationality
  • The Johnstone Scholarship is facilitated by
  • National University of Australia in and can be taken in Australia.

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Qualified Nationality

This scholarship program is open to international students.

In addition to the 2019 Johnstone Family Scholarship, there are different grants accessible to universal students to reflect abroad. Applicants are recommended to verify our grant accessible to their country.

  • Johnstone Family Scholarship in Australia Worth
  • The grant will award $ 6,000 annually to selected applicants for up to three years.
  • Qualification for the Johnstone Family Scholarship in Australia 2019
  • The Johnstone family scholarship is open annually to the ANU student who:
  • It is a national or universal substitute;

The program of a lone ranger in arithmetic is criticized, as well as the measurements (counting a four-year university education in arithmetic, a four-year certification in knowledge or a four-year certification in science with a significant or potentially objective scientific part dictated by board choice);

Have completed in any case 48 credits and a limit of 96 credits of their investigations;

you can demonstrate a past full of greatness in your undergraduate exams

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