Five texting mistakes you make that women hate

Today, people prefer texting than calling because it’s cheaper and a convenient way of communication just like calling. However, there are mistakes guys make while texting women.

Below are some of these mistakes:

1. Confessing your messages through text messages

Expressing your feelings through text messages won’t convince her so much that you’re really in love with her. Women do not like the feelings expressed through texts, in fact, a serious woman will only take you for granted.

It is advisable to contain your feelings and express them when you know them or a phone call would be better.

2. You are being too available

She sends a message and you respond immediately. Come on! In spite of how much you value her, do not hurry to answer always because she will not do it in return. Take some time before sending a text message, don’t be too available.

3. You write too much

Don’t you have time for other things besides her? No matter how crazy you are, you don’t need to be a fan of text messages. Give him time to think about other things and find things to do for you too.

4. Waiting too long to send you a text message.

This is another mistake. Don’t be the kind of man who never responds in time. I don’t want to say you’re too available, but don’t always be late to answer your text messages. He turns it off and could lose his interest in you.

5. Send texts that are too long with typographical errors and shapes that are too short

As a man, you must be brief and, if it has to be long, stay on the point. Do not send extremely long text messages with several typing errors and short forms that you cannot understand. Long texts can keep the conversation short, remember

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