2020 Presidential Candidate, Democrat Bernie Sanders: “Fossil Fuel Executives Should Be Criminally Prosecuted”

Bernie Sanders tweeted out today that he wants fossil fuel executives criminally prosecuted over global warming junk science.

This is the dangerous lunacy coming from the Democrat Party today.
Cutting off fossil fuels will wipe out half the country in one winter.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., upped the ante in his progressive agenda on Thursday when he signaled support for criminal charges against executives at oil companies.

“Fossil fuel executives should be criminally prosecuted for the destruction they have knowingly caused,” Sanders tweeted. His comments were the latest in progressive politicians’ long line of attacks on big corporations and their role in climate change.

It came on the same day that he released a sweeping $16 trillion plan to address climate change. Sanders painted his “Green New Deal” as a way to “end the greed of the fossil fuel industry.”

“We are going to end the greed of the fossil fuel industry and move to 100% renewable energy,” he tweeted in an attack on natural gas. Sanders’ website indicated that he would, as president, direct his Justice Department to pursue criminal charges against companies like Exxon.

“These executives have spent hundreds of millions of dollars protecting their profits at the expense of our future, and they will do whatever it takes to squeeze every last penny out of the Earth,” his website reads.

“Bernie promises to go further than any other presidential candidate in history to end the fossil fuel industry’s greed, including by making the industry pay for its pollution and prosecuting it for the damage it has caused.”

The American Petroleum Institute, a trade association for the oil and gas industry, responded to Sanders in a statement to Fox News.

“Pitting important environmental goals against working families who rely on affordable American energy is a false choice,” the organization said.

“While some may use attacks on natural gas and oil to energize their political base, our industry will remain focused on providing the energy that powers America’s economy and modern lifestyle, while also continuing to lower carbon emissions beyond their current generational low.”

While Sanders’ pledge seemed unprecedented, left-wing attacks on big oil are nothing new. Former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman led a coalition of more than a dozen states in investigating ExxonMobil over allegations it misled the public about climate change.

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