African American Scholarship Opportunities

Today more than ever, there are many scholarship opportunities available for Afro-descendant students. However, it can be a bit difficult to discover these scholarships if you don’t know where to look. You may feel frustrated by the apparent lack of opportunities, you may even want to quit. If you are serious about attending college and would like to have the opportunity to earn money to do so, you should make a little effort to find those hidden gems.

Take the initiative

Scholarships are not going to fall into your lap. As much as you hate the scholarship search process, you should work a little to reap the rewards. This guide will aim to show you several scholarship opportunities for African-American students and how to find the ones that best suit your needs.

However, you are the one who should ultimately do the preliminary work of rooting the information and applying for the scholarships that interest you.

Scholarship Opportunities

Interested in applying for scholarships? The following list will guide you to scholarships that offer money to African-American students and how you can apply for these awards. This is not a complete list; It is a select group of quality scholarship opportunities that can help you begin your research.

You may find that everyone meets your needs, or you may find that none of them do. Whatever the case, these scholarship links are designed to help you on your way to find suitable scholarship opportunities for you.

Thurgood Marshall University Fund

The Thurgood Marshall College Fund is an excellent scholarship opportunity. Awarded per semester, the prize is awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional financial need, are based on merit and can be renewable. In addition, the scholarship can only be used to pay for books, accommodation and food, university tuition or other educational fees. For a complete list of requirements, visit their website for more information.

United Black University Fund

Another quality resource, United Negro College Fund offers minority students the opportunity to apply for numerous scholarship opportunities. Your scholarships help cover all educational costs, including tuition, room and board, books and other fees. Visit their website to complete a general application, where you will then find the opportunities that best suit your needs.

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

For minority accounting students, this scholarship opportunity awards up to $ 5,000 for students who demonstrate outstanding educational skills. The AICPA scholarship encourages students to choose accounting as their specialty and helps them prepare to enter accounting as a career. Visit their website for a complete list of application requirements and eligibility guidelines.

Vivien Thomas Scholarship

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, INC sponsors the Vivien Thomas Scholarship for minority students seeking to obtain a degree in science or medicine. The scholarship was created to honor the life of Vivien Thomas, an African-American who overcame the ties of racism and hatred to create surgeries that saved people’s lives.

Applications will not be accepted until the end of this spring, but you can visit their website for additional information on this remarkable scholarship opportunity.

More resources

While the scholarship opportunities mentioned above are designed to place you on your path to educational success, they are not the only opportunities available to minority students interested in obtaining money for their university studies. There are many additional websites that offer scholarship search opportunities where you can research several scholarships according to what best suits your needs.

Black Excel is possibly one of the best university resources for African-American students interested in higher education. The website offers many resources, including listings of black college tours, scholarships and internship opportunities for minority students, and many other useful resources.

Visit their website to find useful information, links and resources to advance your search for the best scholarships for minorities.

Regardless of the degree program you are interested in pursuing, there are scholarships available to help you lessen the financial burden that a college education may have on young students. By browsing through the resources listed above, you are already on your way to finding scholarship opportunities that fit your educational goals.

The bottom line

There is no doubt: the university is expensive. Finding scholarship opportunities for minority students can be frustrating, p

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