NEW REPORT: Lisa Page, Peter Strzok Conducted FBI’s Review to Classify Comey’s Memos

As Reported on NEW YORK — Former FBI employees Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, the once romantically-linked duo infamous for their anti-Trump text messages, conducted the initial agency review of disgraced ex-FBI chief James Comey’s memos to determine whether the documents contained any potentially classified information.

Working on the initial classification review with Page and Strzok was another member of Comey’s inner circle, James A. Baker, the former FBI general counsel.

The article goes on to state the following:

Those details were contained inside the report released last Thursday by the Justice Department’s inspector-general.

From the report:

1. OGC Review of the Memos

The initial review of the Memos to identify any potentially classified information was performed by Baker, the Unit Chief, Page, and Strzok. Strzok characterized Baker, the Unit Chief, Page, and himself as “a logical subset to sit and go through” the Memos and review them for classification because these individuals had a lot of “history and experience of working investigations relating to…the disclosure of classified information,” including the Chelsea Manning disclosures, the Edward Snowden matter, and the Clinton email investigation.

Baker was one of the designated OCAs for the FBI. Baker also had substantial past experience working with the National Archives on disclosure of classified documents, and characterized that experience as having “sensitized” him to the State Department’s concern that the release of candid assessments of foreign nations and their leaders might “be problematic with respect to our diplomatic relations,” which was one of the issues involved in the classification review for the Memos.

The Unit Chief told the OIG that her day-to-day responsibilities in the FBI’s General Counsel’s office included “often reviewing the Classification Guide and helping the agents figure out what is classified,” and said she had some experience assisting FBI OCAs in making formal classification decisions, but stated that she doesn’t “do that very often.” Page told the OIG that she had been “part of an extraordinary number of declassification reviews, over the course of the last five years post-Snowden.”

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