Andrew McCabe Will Be Indicted, AG Whitaker Leaks News on DOJ Meeting

Andrew McCabe Will Be Indicte ; In alarming report for corrupt FBI McCabe, former AG Matthew Whitaker said in an interview, he believes Andrew McCabe will soon be indicted on federal charges. He said his suggestion was based on report he had regarding the recent meet between McCabes’s lawyers with Justice Department officials.

Whitaker said in a Fox News interview that McCabe’s lawyers’ meeting with Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen which took place last week, appears to have been what’s known as a “DAG appeal.”

Whitaker said “sophisticated defense lawyers” ask for the meetings “to lay out your case as to why your client shouldn’t be charged.”

“I have not seen a DAG appeal be successful. I have seen them many times, again, with sophisticated defense lawyers, but this is usually when somebody is imminently going to be charged, they try to get to the deputy attorney general and plead their case,” said Whitaker, who was a U.S. attorney and chief of staff to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

McCabe, who recently signed on with CNN as a contributing analyst, was fired by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions on March 16, 2018, two days before his scheduled retirement. Sessions said that his decision was based on the inspector general’s report.

In a lawsuit filed last month against the Justice Department and the FBI, however, McCabe claims that his termination was politically motivated and the result of pressure applied by the president because of McCabe’s role in overseeing Operation Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI’s investigation into possible links between Trump campaign officials and Russian officials who attempted to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.

What Happened and When

So what is this all about? The inspector general’s report provides a detailed timeline of events.

In 2016, in the run-up to the hotly contested presidential election, the FBI was conducting two separate investigations that potentially implicated Hillary Clinton, stemming from her tenure as secretary of state—one involving her alleged misuse of a private email server to receive, store, and transmit classified information (Operation Midyear Exam) and the other involving an alleged pay-to-play scandal involving the Clinton Foundation.

McCabe played a significant role in overseeing both investigations.

On July 5, 2016, Comey publicly announced that the FBI was going to recommend against filing charges against Clinton for her misuse of a personal server. (Comey’s conduct related to Operation Midyear Exam was also the subject of a harsh report issued by the inspector general’s office in June 2018.)

Two days later, before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Comey declined to confirm or deny whether the FBI was investigating the Clinton Foundation. He did the same before the House Judiciary Committee on Sept. 28.

Between Comey’s congressional appearances, McCabe received a telephone call on Aug. 12 from the principal associate deputy attorney general, reputed to be Matthew Axelrod, who reported to then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates.

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