Brexit betrayal: Failure is in their blood! NIGEL FARAGE Blast Westminster

We have witnessed three major Brexit betrayals by uk political establishment. And there is every sign the worst is yet to come. Britain could be facing the biggest betrayal of all if UK does not leave on before the new deadline of 31 October. Let’s just take a moment and refresh our memories of those three great Brexit betrayals.

Number one of the betrayal was even before the referendum, when the Westminster parties deceived voters into believing that our vote would count.

Members of Parliament backed a referendum by 544 votes to 43 in June 15. During the referendum campaign, David Cameron’s government spent £9million pounds of public money sending a Remain pamphlet to every household, stating that “the Government will implement what you decide”.

But they should have added “…so long as you make the right decision, to Remain”. But we have come to learn otherwise.

Number Two great betrayal came during the general election in 2017. Both the Tories and Labour stood on manifesto commitments to implement Brexit and break free from the European single market and customs union and free from European rule and laws.

Labour party promised “to respect the result of the referendum” and that “the freedom of movement would end once we leave the EU”, But that was not the case.
Mrs May’s Conservatives party spelt out that “no deal is better than a bad deal for the UK”. Two years later, both the Tories and Labour have been conspiring to block a clean-break Brexit, insisting we must leave with a deal.

Finally, the 3rd betrayal came on 29th March 2019 . Theresa May told us with full confidence that we would definitely leave. And then March 29 came and went, but nothing happened.

But after three years of deceit, we may face the fourth and biggest betrayal of them all, all finger is pointing to a disastrous betrayal

We hope and wish that Boris Johnson keeps his word and delivers Brexit. But there are already signs of another betrayal in the making, Boris can not be trusted since he later supported Theresa May’s deal after rejecting it twice.

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