EU elections: Ukip unveil Nazi pug man as one of its candidates

UKIP has officially revealed a man who taught a dog a Nazi salute as one of its candidates in Scotland for the European Parliament elections.

The pro-Brexit party launched their campaign yesterday in central London, unveiling Mark Meechan as an MEP hopeful north of the Border.

Meechan was fined £800 at Airdrie Sheriff Court last year for posting an online video of a dog carrying out Nazi salutes. He had recorded his girlfriend’s pug, Buddha, responding to statements such as “Sieg Heil” and “gas the Jews” by raising its paw.

Ukip’s leader Gerard Batten defended both of the candidates earlier today. He argued: “These gentlemen are free-speech merchants making comedy acts.”

He added: “If they make jokes as part of their act, I’m not condoning any jokes or any ill-considered remarks, but this is what they are.”

But already calls have been made to deselect Benjamin, who wants to stand for the South West region, for his comments.

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