Ian McConnell: EU dream of Tusk may prove antidote for Farage’s Brexit nightmare

The hope, of course, is nothing to do with the fantastical, ideological dreams of the arch-Brexiters, with their misconceptions of the UK’s place in today’s world and the country’s future prospects in the wake of their longed-for exit from the European Union.

It has been somewhat demoralising to see Nigel Farage return to the fray with the launch of his Brexit Party. True to form, in terms of his typically populist moves to woo sections of the electorate which seemingly prefer soundbites that they can repeat to detailed analysis, has placed a bet on the Brexit Party dominating the European Parliament elections next month. You would dearly hope the UK electorate might yet ignore this gimmickry, and focus on the serious issues.

Then again, given many voters’ apparent appetite for the Brexiters’ bluster back in the summer of 2016, and splits within the Conservatives and Labour over the EU, we should perhaps not be surprised opportunity-spotter Mr Farage appears to be appealing once again to the UK’s Leave die-hards.

Given these latest dismal political developments, the glimmer of hope offered by European Council President Donald Tusk certainly lifted the spirits.

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One thought on “Ian McConnell: EU dream of Tusk may prove antidote for Farage’s Brexit nightmare

  • April 19, 2019 at 11:53 am

    This is a deluded publication. Again very bad and extremely biased inaccurate reporting, irresponsible. I voted remain but the intransigence of the EU has changed my vote, bring it on.


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