Wow: Labour party Fear Nigel Farage’s Brexit party will Destroy heartland over Brexit U-turn

Caroline Flint a Brexiteer Labour MP warned her party that Labour party risks losing “heartland seats” to the Brexit Party, if leader mr Corbyn insist on backing a second Brexit referendum.Labour party would lose seats in Barnsley, Wolverhampton, Sunderland and many other areas.
The Labour MP warned that the Conservatives party and Labour party combined risk losing “40 plus seats” to the Brexit Party.

Andrew Marr asked in a recent BBC interview: “Are you not likely to lose more seats to the Lib Dems than anybody else if you don’t go in the other direction?” Ms Flint replied: “No not at all, I mean when you look at the polling based on present figures, it is clear that for example in David Miliband’s seat in South Shields that he used to represent, that would go.“All the seats in Sunderland, all the seats in Barnsley, across Wolverhampton, across Stoke and many more. And those Labour leave voters are likely to go to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.

“So the danger for our Labour party, and this isn’t just about an electoral calculation.”

Andrew Marr interjected: “How many seats would Labour lose to the Brexit Party if you go ahead in the second referendum direction?”

Labour MP for Don Valley warned: “Well one of the polls suggest it’s something like 40 plus, and also to the Tories as well in that mix. But we would be losing in our heartland seats.

“And this isn’t just about electoral advantage, this actually goes to the heart of what the Labour Party’s about.

“If we do not speak for the working class voices of Britain, then what’s the point of the Labour Party?”

Hilary Benn recently called on the Labour party to come out “loud and clear” in support of a second referendum, and he sees Brexit as a “complete and utter mess”.

While Speaking at a People’s Vote rally in Leeds on Saturday, he said: “We know, to use the technical term, that Brexit is a complete and utter mess.

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